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What year levels is the Picture Book show appropriate for? Will it work for all our students?

We get asked this question a lot and here is the simple answer:



The Books To Life CBCA Picture Book show is designed as a whole school activity. It is both targeted & appropriate for all students from Pre-school right through to Year 6.



Our creative team & have been designing & performing these CBCA picture book shows as Pre-School /Prep / Kinder /Reception / Foundation to Year 6 performances since 2001. We know that there is often a concern that the show might be either designed only for the younger students or only for the older ones. Let me assure you that all primary school year levels are equally accommodated for in the Picture Book show.



"How can you possibly do that?" I hear you ask.



This is achieved by delivering a HUGE variety in the content, performance styles & stagecraft elements, all being designed to appeal to different ages at different times in the show. As such, it works really well for everybody, and let's be honest, if it's good, it's good. Like me, don't you still love the original movies of "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory" & "The Wizard of Oz"? That's because there is content that works for different ages at different times in the performance.



Great stories that are told well work for all ages.



So that's what we strive to do. Tell great Australian stories well, in a variety of ways that we know appeal to all the different levels of primary school.



But don't take my word for it. Below are a bunch of testimonials from schools who have seen our Picture Book shows since 1999, detailing how these shows work brilliantly for all primary school age groups:



"Feedback from staff has been overwhelmingly positive, none of us can remember any performance or activity that was so engaging for the whole school, it is rare to find something that caters for F-6 in any meaningful way. The students are still talking about you a week later." Ruskin Park PS, Croydon, VIC



"Every level loved it! Such a gorgeous book and brilliantly performed. We have struggled to find performances which do entertain and engage across P-6, even though they might be advertised as such, observing the students in any class enjoying and talking about it beyond the performance is a major win." St Anthony's PS, Alphington, VIC.


"I was a little concerned that it would suit P's, 1's & 2's better than our 5's and 6's - but it was perfect!!!" Goulburn Valley GS, Shepparton Nth, VIC



"Very entertaining, suitable for Prep to Year 7." Kersbrook PS, Kersbrook, SA

“You appealed to all age groups.... It is wonderful to see and hear P-6 laughing from their bellies. They just loved it, and I did too!” St Margaret’s PS, Maribyrnong, VIC



“It was very funny, even for Grade 6, and highly informative.” St Philips Christian College, Port Stephens, NSW



“Appealing to all girls from Prep to 6 (and teachers too).” Ruyton Girls School, Kew, VIC

"Fantastic! Students were totally engaged for the whole show (years K-6)." St James Catholic PS, Yamba, NSW

"Children from Prep to Grade 6 thoroughly enjoyed the show (and adults)." - Coimadai PS, VIC



“Children from Kinder to Grade 6 enjoyed and were engaged at all times." St Oliver's School, Harris Park, NSW


"All of the audience (Prep to 6) were fully entertained... Enjoyed by all!" - Holy Eucharist PS, East Malvern, VIC



"Excellent for all kids from Kindergarten to Grade 6." Bega PS, Bega, NSW


“All ages from Prep to Grandma were entranced.” Newham PS, VIC

"All students K-6 were totally engaged and well entertained (and us adults)." Melrose Park PS, Melrose Park, NSW


"A great show that appealed to Prep to Grade 6." Colac West PS, VIC

"Students K-6 from our school attended the performance and all were engaged and appeared to enjoy it thoroughly." Telegraph Point PS, Telegraph Point, NSW


“Catered to the full breadth of students from Playgroup to Grade 6." Pyalong Neighbourhood House, VIC

"All the children were engaged… Catering for all levels - including adults!" Holy Spirit PS, Carnes Hill, NSW


"Great production - Year 6's loved it. They really enjoyed the 'older' jokes!" Ruyton Girls School, Kew, VIC

“The performance suited K to 6 students… Excellent! All students loved it.” Ariah Park Central School, NSW

“As a teacher of 5 and 6 year olds not all students connected to what the story (in book form) really told and its hidden messages. After viewing your show they have a greater understanding.” Cobden PS, VIC

“Grade 5/6 children thought it was 'awesome'." Mt Pleasant PS, Ballarat, VIC

“Catered for all levels... Excellent and entertaining for all ages!" Mt Pleasant PS, VIC

"Great performance - kept all children engaged P-6 (and teachers). Well done... Even the Grade 6 boys were doing the sheriff's dance!"Nichols Point PS, VIC

"Well structured and pitched for our children (Prep - Year 6)." Clayton Nth PS, VIC

"A great show that appealed to Prep to Grade 6." Colac West PS, VIC

“Enjoyed by all children from Kinder – Year 6. Very interactive… All kids from ELC – Year 6 engaged – well done – not an easy feat!” Woodleigh School, Frankston South, VIC

“I think you catered for all levels well and all the children thought it was fantastic… They really got the audience involved which is very hard to do (especially with the older students)." Abbotsford PS, VIC


"Every level loved it! Such a gorgeous book and brilliantly performed. We have struggled to find performances which do entertain  and engage across P-6, even though they might be advertised as such, observing the students in any class enjoying and talking about it beyond the performance is a major win." St Anthony's PS, Alphington, VIC



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